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Reviews for 'Batman Harleystorm'
Fan Rating: ( 3 of 5 ) - Film Review: ( 1 of 8 )
Posted by: reptile84
[ | 72-48-98-34.dyn.grandenetworks.net ]
Posted on: 10/30/09 - 9:19:28 PM - EST
Rating of: 3 of a possible 5

I give a 3 for the staged fight scene, which was more rehearsed than most Fan films I seen here. Kudos for your effort.
I like your different take on Batman being Asian, also his long hair didn't bother me. When the mask is on, who's to know?
The story, I think, was the biggest problem. Over looking Batman offering a woman a job, and making Bruce Wayne aggressive....I have no idea whom this woman is and why she was captured by Bane or why Batman would care about her.

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