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Batman Harleystorm
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Finally an interpretation that brings us closer to Bruce as a person, molding him completely with his Knight form instead of switching the heroism on and off.  This time the evil spreads from Wayne Industries boards to infect both Batman and Bruce.  But the billionaire playboy has a woman in his life now, will the friction between his dual persona leave a crack in another heart and mind?

BFF Rating:
"M" for MATURE - Contains Action/Violence and Adult Language
Written by: Phong Chau
Directed by: Phong Chau
Starring: Phong Chau - Bruce Wayne/Batman
Phu Chau - Ninja person
Xerkses - Bane/Editor
Mats - Bane
Linda Lee - Harley
Daniel Lee - Jeremy Fairchild
Swedish People - Nissar
Produced by: Phong Chau
Run-Time: 11:33 minute(s)
Web-Site: www.youtube.com
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