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Reviews for 'ASHES TO ASHES'
Fan Rating: ( 3 of 5 ) - Film Review: ( 2 of 9 )
Posted by: yellowis4happy
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Posted on: 01/05/2011 - 22:57:26 PM - CST
Rating of: 3 of a possible 5

To start off with, the audio started lagging about midway through the film. It wasn't such a big deal (easily fixed by rewinding a bit when the lagging starts making the action confusing), but something that is to be taken into account when considering quality. Aside from this, I did actually really like the soundtrack that was used - especially the creepy piano, child-esque music that played after Harley got into costume. The effects were sometimes cheesy (Batman's cape billowing out behind him across two rows of pews), but interesting, and supported the storyline well. While the story wasn't as well thought-out as it could be, the idea of Batman being willing to take lives after the death of one so close to him was an intriguing one, and I loved the crueller and more ruthless side of Harley that we got to see. Didn't care much for the Joker, though: His makeup was disappointing and some of the more sexual things he says struck me as very out of character.

Overall, definitely worth a watch if you're a Batman fan, as it is well-shot. The story is pretty twisted, though, so be warned.

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