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Driven by different, but nevertheless essential reasons, Eddy, Charles and Sergio decide to break into the huge manor that overhangs the city.  Their enterprise soon starts to derail as the butler intercepts them.

Blood is split.

The three improvised murderers are on the run, their hands covered with blood but at least they have the loot.  For three weeks, intense and unreal sobs echo amongst the city's roofs.  In this big town, devastated by violence and prohibition, three novice gangsters start their ascent in the crime world.

Meanwhile, a vengeful shadow goes on the hunt for them.

BFF Rating:
"M" for MATURE - Contains Action/Violence, Language, and Gore
Written by: Samuel Bodin
Directed by: Julien Mokrani & Samuel Bodin
Starring: Florian Hass - Eddy
Julien Honore - Sergio
Arnaud Bichon - Charles
Marielle Guerber - Harlenne / Harley
Matthieu Lemeunier - Joker
Philippe Lebas - Alfred
Richard Sammut - Father Call
Sylvain Ellie - Batman
Produced by: Julien Mokrani, Olivier Bach, Eric Fantone, Pim Mory, Fabien Dubois, Samuel Bodin & Matthieu Lemeunier
Run-Time: 17:53 minute(s)
Web-Site: www.ashestoashes-themovie.com
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