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Little Ole Gotham
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It's been a year after the Joker was locked up in the newly developed Arkam Asylum Criminal containment lock up.  It's been one year since Gotham has left the streets under control of the Gotham Police department.  There's been no need or sign of The Batman since the Mob is still recovering from its loss of control and power.  Just as everyone has started to forget about the Joker, and move on, the Joker's newest Hench-person, Harley Quinn, sends a congratulatory Card to Detective Jeff Groff, who was just getting ready to move in on the Mob as a stepping stone towards his 'Freakin' parade'.  Harley plays games with the Gotham Police, and continually makes them think they are playing a game without any rules.  They gradual connect the dots only to find they have nothing to go on.  Her goal is simple, wear down and ruff up Gotham before she releases the Joker, but only after she makes the Gotham Police think she's giving herself up.  What better way to spring 'Mr. J' then from inside the facility she helped develop?  Coming July 2010.

BFF Rating:
"T" for TEEN - Contains Action/Violence
Written by: IaBou Windimere
Directed by: IaBou Windimere
Starring: IaBou Windimere
Chris Storck
Aaron Elsaesser
Angie Palmer
Sheila Mudd Baker
Aaron Brueckman
Alan Lane
Josh Flowers
Produced by: IaBou Windimere
Run-Time: 5:00 minute(s)
Web-Site: www.billboard.net
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