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BatGirl Vs CatWoman
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After a night of what she thinks is routine crime fighting, BatGirl quickly learns that she suddenly has two gangs of bloodthirsty killers on her heels.  Crime Boss "Skinny" Tony Spinelli runs one gang.  He has put the word out to kill BatGirl and anyone who has helped her.  The other
gang is controlled by the infamous CatWoman.  She wants BatGirl eliminated so she can control the protection racket down in The Narrows.  How can BatGirl possibly defeat two gangs of tough street hoodlums all by herself?

BFF Rating:
Written by: Donald E. Ryles
Directed by: Donald E. Ryles
Starring: Felisita Eibeck - BatGirl/Barbara Gordon
Araceli Torres - CatWoman
Alicia Martinez - Feline
Donald E. Ryles - Doctor Miller
Jacen Saint - Sylvester
Eric A. Ostovani - "Skinny" Tony Spinelli
Aurelie Malish - Kitten
Edmundo Cosico - Garfield
Kate Gaffney - Sally
Anthony Bell - Willie The Weasel
Produced by: Donald E. Ryles
Run-Time: 2:05 minute(s)
Web-Site: www.metroworldfilmworks.com
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