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Batman: Within the Shadows of Gotham
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Based on Batman the Animated Series' Mask of the Phantasm motion picture.  Andrea, Bruce's ex from his college years, returns as does her father?  And who's killing members of the mafia? And why is Kyodai Ken working with ...Lex Luthor?  And whose side is Catwoman on?  And what's the mysterious Organization Mr. Freeze and Penguin joined?  Can Batman work out his past with Andrea and work together with his Gotham Knights to fiht off all of these oncoming threats along the way?

BFF Rating:
Written by: Tony Piccirillo
Directed by: Tony Piccirillo
Starring: Tony Piccirillo
Alex Piccirillo
Anthony Bacchi
Sanjay Singh
Lisa DeMartino
Adam Karp
Ralph DeMartino
Heather Barker
Amanda Schutt
Dana Gregor
Justine Bologna
Tony Merlino
Andrew Misuraca
Mitch Ditmar
Mitch Kennedy
Alfredo Piccirillo
Jorgete Piccirillo
Rich Russo
Tom Simcox
Matt Hegquist
Paul Montenero
Sean Burns
Kyle Colquhoun
Matt Woitovich
Jon Schwiebert
Alex Giglio
Nick Ryan
Produced by: Tony Piccirillo
Run-Time: 3:39 minute(s)
Web-Site: www.batmanwtsog.piczo.com
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