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Batman Reborn
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A sequel to Batman Redemption.

Eleven years after Batman & Robin and six after Batman Redemption, Gotham is finally safe. Confronting the possibility that his usefullness has finally reached his end, Bruce Wayne is publicly reviled after a controversial and costly business decision.

But before all ends, he must face his final challenge -- his most difficult challenge, one that will take him to the limits of his strength and conviction -- Bane.

Intended to be the finale of the Burton/Schumacher universe, this sweeping story follows Batman as he is broken, humiliated, defeated, and reborn -- all in one of the most sweeping epics ever imagined for the character.

BFF Rating:
"T" for TEEN - Contains Action/Violence
Written by: Brandon Cosby, story by Brandon Cosby & Jonathan Sulzbach
No. Pages: 114-page(s)
File Size: 215 KB
Web-Site: None
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