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Born Laughing
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This was written while geeking out and waiting for "The Dark Knight" (the whole script was written in about an hour).  After reading an Interview with Chris Nolan where he said that there was no origin story for the Joker in the new film I decided that it would be interesting to explore the first day of the Joker.  The is the first day he put on the make-up and purple suit and set out to "make the world burn."  Therefore, no henchmen, no Batman, just his handpicked victims.

Sadly, just days before filming was to commence Heath Ledger died.  We discussed scrapping the project altogether.  But, we decided to shoot just the final scene (we were going to lose the set), and then come back to it if the response was good.  You can see the final scene of "Born Laughing" on this site and youtube.

While the response has been overwhelmingly positive (seriously, far better than I ever thought it would be), it looks as though we won't get around to finishing it anytime soon.  Both Josh (Joker) and I have our plates full with acting jobs right now, and there are several other variable that would make it difficult.  I wasn't going to post the script, but seeing as we may never get to finish it, I figured it wouldn't hurt.

If you've seen the film you will notice a huge difference in one of the characters.  The script is how I meant it, but we had casting problems (due to our time constraints) and had to make some changes at the last minute.  I am very interested in everyone's opinion on the story.

BFF Rating:
"M" for MATURE - Contains Violence
Written by: Ryan Thomas
No. Pages: 11-page(s)
File Size: 59.7 KB
Web-Site: None
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