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Reviews for 'The Dark Crusade'
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Posted by: Tailz
[ | ip68-7-6-53.sd.sd.cox.net ]
Posted on: 12/27/08 - 11:36:55 PM - EST
Rating of: 1 of a possible 5

I think that first and foremost, the acting needs a lot of work. There's a plethora of line reading going on.

The writing is bad, as there is no explanation of what is going on. I emphasize that even though it's a trailer, there still needs to be a fair amount of dialogue to move the story and introduce the characters and explain there purpose and motives.

The Joker's casting was weak. He's a tall lanky kid with a bad attempt at a "Heath Joker" makeup job. I know TDK just came out and is going to inspire people, but those who find themselves inspired should come up with their own visual take on the character.

Overall, a very sub par finish. I'm sure there was hard work put into this, but there needs to be a definitive story that's presented through BOTH dialogue and visuals. While there's some very short lines presented, there's not much dialogue at all to tell the viewer what's going on.

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