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Reviews for 'H A R L E Q U I N'
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Posted by: Stephen Michael
[ | pool-72-68-48-128.nwrknj.east.verizon.net ]
Posted on: 12/31/08 - 5:09:52 PM - EST
Rating of: 5 of a possible 5

I love this Teaser! While it's short and you don't get a lot from it, it's also creepy and has tremendous potential. Very few information is given, leaving the viewer in utter suspense. I also admire how you used that film effect when showing The Joker. It makes sense in doing two things: Pleasing people who want the joker to return, and for the people who don't, you don't reveal The Joker's entire face to not be heath ledger, but prove that someone else can be just as creepy. I want to see this film!

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