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Reviews for 'ASHES TO ASHES'
Fan Rating: ( 4 of 5 ) - Teaser Review: ( 1 of 12 )
Posted by: Mac Daddy
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Posted on: 04/12/07 - 4:49:34 PM - EDT
Rating of: 4 of a possible 5

Production value rivals Dead End and Patient J, as far as story goes, Ill have to wait and see. The pacing of the teaser/trailer was terrible, revealing nothing of the story to really excit me, going to show you need more then just eye candy. As for the sin city look, it is a direct copy, which really shows how talented these guys are in the visual arts, but of course lack originality for their own cinematic style. Anywho, Im still looking forward to it, and I guess thats all that matters!

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