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Reviews for 'Knightfall'
Fan Rating: ( 4 of 5 ) - Script Review: ( 1 of 2 )
Posted by: George akuffo
[ | 05477829.skybroadband.com ]
Posted on: 08/20/2014 - 23:13:19 PM - UTC
Rating of: 4 of a possible 5

the climax at the end is great but the start doesn't feel right. Jason doesn't seem to be in the story enough and is seemed to be more of a damsel in distress than a arrogant yet well trained hero. The fact that he has his legs exposed is illogical as robin would get shot. You should've taken influence from the armoured arkham series robin. Though I loved you pro trail of bane it was perfect and better than that retarded dark knight rises one. I fact it was perfect. Though I think you should've saved Jason getting mauled for a death of the family movie. I don't think I had seen Jason as an important enough character so that when he dies my heart breaks as we are sorry for him but don't get to know him enogh. But this is worthy of being on the big screen

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