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Reviews for 'Batman Vs Nightwing: A Fallen Hero'
Fan Rating: ( 2 of 5 ) - Script Review: ( 1 of 1 )
Posted by: E.NIGMA
[ | dpc6935208126.direcpc.com ]
Posted on: 08/05/2014 - 07:58:26 AM - UTC
Rating of: 2 of a possible 5

Considering that I am a huge Nightwing fan, I found this to be incredibly untrue to the character. Nightwing would not join forces with a criminal unless as a last resort, and you wrote him like an annoying punk. Nightwing has stepped out of the shadow of the Bat, so that made no sense. The only thing I liked was the way you wrote Nite-Wing at the end. You would probably be better off writing a script based on him since he would be more likely to do all the scrap you had Grayson do.

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