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Reviews for 'Batman and Wolverine: Enter The Hand'
Fan Rating: ( 4 of 5 ) - Script Review: ( 1 of 5 )
Posted by: DarkKnightJRK
[ | ip72-208-21-144.ph.ph.cox.net ]
Posted on: 06/25/07 - 5:30:19 AM - EDT
Rating of: 4 of a possible 5

Things I noticed:

1. "Hello Jim." "Hi, Batman." They're friends, but it's a bit too friendly. At best, Bats would just say "Jim," and Gordon would just continue. Maybe it's just the fanboy in me, but it just doesn't work to me, and I'm sure others would agree.

2. "The coolest." Eh, maybe another fanboy thing, but I can't imagine Bruce/Batman using the word "cool."

3. I agree that Batman wouldn't swear, or, at the very least he would only say them if a thug said it to him (ie, he wouldn't say "bullshit" if a thug didn't say it first).

Besides those little things, this is a pretty good story. Batman and Wolverine are handled very well. Kudos, sir.

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