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Reviews for 'Bat-Fan Begins'
Fan Rating: ( 5 of 5 ) - Film Review: ( 1 of 9 )
Posted by: pennylane
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Posted on: 07/22/08 - 6:23:04 PM - EDT
Rating of: 5 of a possible 5

Absolutely top notch. In a genre that has the tendency to generate scores of independent imitations that often lean toward the campy, the overdone, or the pretentious; Bat-Fan Begins succeeds where so many others fail. It successfully treads the line between fan-film and serious work, with results that are at times comedic, and at times downright chilling. Its original script and artful cinematography put it in a class unto itself, yet the film never fails to tip its hat in reverence to the Batman films that came before it. In short, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, even though it definitely deserves to. The strong acting and skillful direction steers the film from lighthearted beginnings into much darker territory, leaving this viewer waiting impatiently for further installments.

Bat-Fan Begins is definitely worth the time of any true Batman fan, especially those with an affinity for the Joker, and anyone who appreciates high-quality independent film.

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