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Reviews for 'The Flight of the Bat'
Fan Rating: ( 3 of 5 ) - Film Review: ( 1 of 10 )
Posted by: Jixu
[ | c-24-2-124-35.hsd1.pa.comcast.net ]
Posted on: 12/05/2010 - 09:41:30 AM - CST
Rating of: 3 of a possible 5

I like a lot of what was done with this film. The silent film direction seemed to be used to good effect, the simplified, but effective depictions of the characters made for pleasant surprises almost throughout, and in general the execution felt solid.

The reason I'm giving this a 3 though, instead of a 4 for a good effort, is that I was also pretty confused throughout. After reading a couple reviews, I'm starting to get that the point seems to have been a daydream of becoming batman, but the ending left me feeling just as confused as I had been the rest of the film. Perhaps it's just because I've never had that dream personally - which is odd since I'm such a huge fan - but while watching, I just didn't get it. Maybe you could've added something in to make it a little more clear what had just taken place - or then again, maybe the audience you created this for doesn't include me. In any case, it held my interest and I'm glad you shared your work, particularly for those who did get it.

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