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The Gotham Crusade: Episode Six
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Black and the False Facers, along with Killer Croc threaten the destruction of Gotham.  Batman must fight the odds to overcome the deadly duo of Black Mask and Killer Croc.

BFF Rating:
"T" for TEEN - Contains Action/Violence
Written by: Nick Mueller, Steve Timm, and Sam Wroge
Directed by: Nick Mueller, Steve Timm, and Sam Wroge
Starring: Nick Mueller - Batman/Bruce Wayne
Derek Schuettpelz - Joker
Steve Timm - Harvey Dent/Two-Face
Tim Hopwood - Thomas Wayne
Erik Nilsson - Rupert Thorne
Kelsey Waara - Harley Quinn
Sam Wroge - Edward Nygma/Riddler
Chris Maiers - Waylon Jones/Killer Croc
Mj Zulueta - Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow
Mike Theis - Roman Sionis/Black Mask
Andy Claussen - Snitch
Produced by: Sherri Mueller and MJ Zulueta
Run-Time: 10:28 minute(s)
Web-Site: www.youtube.com
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