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Batman and Robin: Dark Betrayals
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When we last saw our heroes in "Batman: Defenders of the Night", a new partnership was formed, and Gotham appeared to be safe.  However, things took a deadly turn when Robin is missing for weeks before being accused of horrible crimes.  Batman refuses to believe the story, and vows to prove Robin's innocence.  But will it be too late?  Is there more to the story then meets the eye?

BFF Rating:
"T" for TEEN - Contains Action/Violence
Written by: Kourosh
Directed by: DJ Rob
Starring: Kourosh - Batman/Bruce Wayne
Arvin - Robin/Dick Grayson
Rob - Mob Boss
Mike - Comissioner Gordon/Mob Goon
Produced by: Kourosh/DJ Rob
Run-Time: 9:42 minute(s)
Web-Site: www.youtube.com
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