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Batman VS Catwoman (Catfight)
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This movie is the filmed "theatrical" version of the popular Six Flags Great Adventure stunt show, "Batman vs Catwoman".  The film was shot and edited by Chris .R. Notarile over the course of several weeks at Great Adventure, in Holly Springs New Jersey.

BFF Rating:
"T" for TEEN - Contains Action Violence
Written by: Andrew Torres (Stunt Coordinator)
Directed by: Andrew Torres (Stunt Coordinator)
Starring: Airon Armstrong - Batman
Todd Strolk - Robin
Jennifer Harrison - Catwoman
Billy Ceska - Henchman 1
Greg Harvey and Joshua Earl - Henchman 2
Produced by: Andrew Torres (Stunt Coordinator)
Run-Time: 22:30 minute(s)
Web-Site: www.blinky-productions.com
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