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Arkham After Midnight: Riddle Me Deadly
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The second chapter of this neo-1920s collage serial imagining a Dark Knight a decade before his birth.... "The Bat-Man" gassed at infamous Arkham Asylum!  Drugged!  Disoriented!  A blurred reality.  Now as "mad" as all at Arkham due to queer and curious chemicals of "Scare-Crow."  Stuck in a musty old madhouse - meeting his most awful adversaries!  Faces stained with suspicions... the deranged royalty of crime and its unsettling clown prince!

BFF Rating:
"T" for TEEN - Contains Action/Violence
Written by: Andre Perkowski
Directed by: Andre Perkowski
Starring: SOURCES:
Schatten Eine Naechtliche Halluzination (1923)
Sunset (1927)
Pandora's Box (1929)
The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari (1920)
The Golem (1920)
Batman and Robin (1949 Serial)
Phantom of the Opera (1925)
Dr. Mabuse - der Spieler (1922)
Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde (1920)
Haxan (1922)
Waxworks (1924)
Destiny (1922)
Fantômas - Á l'ombre de la guillotine (1913)
Juve contre Fantômas (1913)
Fantômas - Le Faux Magistrat (1914)
The Man Who Laughs (1928)
L'Inferno (1911)
Hans Richter 1920s films
Assorted 1920s newsreels
Produced by: Andre Perkowski
Run-Time: 9:35 minute(s)
Web-Site: www.youtube.com
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