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The Death of Batman
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This fan made film finds Batman in the middle of a massive drug clean-up of Gotham City when a chance encounter with a petty-thief leads to the fight of Batman's life, and his death.

BFF Rating:
"M" for MATURE - Contains Action/Violence, Drug Use, Adult Language, Sexual Situations/References
Written by: Donald Lawrence Flaherty
Directed by: Donald Lawrence Flaherty
Starring: Christopher Stapleton - Batman
Trip Hope - Thief
Christina Quinn - Newscaster
Fiona Angus - Ann Smith
Hunter Varnum - Young Bruce Wayne
Louise Bale - Mrs. Wayne
Scott Kimbai O'Donnell - Dr. Wayne
Max Cabot - Coroner
Keith Kowalczyk - Police Officer
Heather Stapleton - Homeless Women
Marlee Varnum - Baglady
Keith Ferguson - Voiceovers
Produced by: Melody Mooney
Run-Time: 28:28 minute(s)
Web-Site: www.thedeathofbatman.com
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