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Batman: PATROL
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On a routine Patrol of Gotham City, Batman stumbles on a purse-snatching that leads him into confrontation with the East Side Skulls; a notorious street gang.  Produced in 2006, this silent film went on to win 'Best Screenplay' at the Plano Senior High Film Festival.  After years of being off the web, it's back!

BFF Rating:
"T" for TEEN - Contains Action/Violence
Written by: Chas Blankenship
Directed by: Chas Blankenship and Garrett Graham
Starring: Chas Blankenship - Batman
Alex Branton - Skull Leader
Kim Borge - Woman
Miles Cooper - Mugger #1
Ryan Glenn - Mugger #2
Peter Petrini - Lieutenant James Gordon
Solomon Fong - Asian Skull
Mitch Crossley - Knife Skull
Josh Bergmann - Glasses Skull
Garrett Graham - Staircase Skull
Hilary Block - Female Skull
Dustin Watson - Chain Skull
Sean McCaffrey - Crow Bar Skull
Jake Kadali - Arm Skull
Rudy Jancan - Headband Skull
Jason Svatos - Batman Stunt Double
Produced by: Jason Svatos
Run-Time: 17:35 minute(s)
Web-Site: vimeo.com
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